June 11th, 2009


The purpose of this site is to share the images I’ve produced over the past couple of years. Landscapes and cities are my favorite topics; most of the time it’s the light or the clouds that drives me in making the picture. For a long time I’ve thought of naming this site “Mooi Licht” but couldn’t come up with a proper translation.

Viewing this site
This site can be best viewed at a screen resolution of 1280×1024 or higher. At lower screen resolution, image quality is less than optimal as the images need to be downsized to fit within the browser area.
To navigate between images you can use the arrow keys (arrow left = previous, arrow right = next). You can also use the left and right buttons which appear in the lower left and right corners of the image when you move your mouse from the whitespace onto the image.
Most images can be magnified to their maximum size (1280×1024) or to the maximum size of your internet browser by clicking on the image. The mouse pointer changes into a magnifier loupe when magnification is possible. Once magnified, you have to click and restore the original view before you can select the next image.
Most browsers have a Full Screen mode, which hides all the toolbars. This significantly increases the amount of space available to view the images, and is therefor highly recommended. In Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome you can use function key F11 to switch to full screen and to restore normal view.
In case you want to see the image at maximum resolution but your screen height is insufficient, press ‘v’ and expand the image. Pressing ‘v’ allows the image to exceed the vertical screen height and you will need the vertical scroll-bar to see the entire image. Pressing ‘v’ again will switch you back to normal expand mode, where the image is always sized within the browser white-space.